Welcome to China's Focusing official website. Here mainly include various Focusing literatures and information

 in Chinese. The English page , especially for English readers ,which publishes  chiefly important English 

Focusing literatures and Chinese Focusing literatures translated into English. In order to improve the exchange 

with peers of focusing.

Focusing shows how to pause the ongoing situation and create a space for new possibilities for carrying 

forward. This practice, developed from thePhilosophy of the Implicit, shows how to apply open attention to 

something which  is directly experienced but is not in words.

 Your body knows more about situations than you are explicitly aware of. For example, your body picks up

more about another person than you consciously know. With a little training, you can get a bodily feel for the 

'more' that  is happening in any situation. From that bodily feel come small steps that lead toward resolution. 


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